Arbonne sellers are what Avon sellers were when your mom was young. We are sure you at least have been contacted once by your friendly Arbonne consultant, right?

Thousands and thousands of women are exhilarated by the thought of spreading the good news about Arbonne products –which are beneficial, safe, and pure. Research shows there are more than 250,000 Arbonne sellers –or consultants –in the world. Anything that popular is worth examining. Their devoted fans claim this is why they love it:

  • You can generate income in many ways. Like any other pyramidal scheme, Arbonne offers its consultants to earn money through different manners: the first one is product sales –duh! Then you have commissions for the products your team sales; keep climbing the ladder, and you are eligible for one type of bonus. Reach the rank of Vice President, and you qualify for the Mercedez-Benz cash bonus program. Their compensation program is very lucrative. Let’s assume you are a simple consultant. Right down there, you will earn a 35% profit on the personal retail sales you make. Let’s now assume you have a preferred client base, add up 15% more on that commission. As long as you keep selling and keeping your audience captive, commissions will go higher. 
  • Flexible schedule. Hands down one of the most attractive traits of pyramidal schemes are the flexible hours. You manage your time, you work when you want and can.


  • Not as lucrative as they promote it –at least for the average consultant. In the example above, it would seem that since the percentage commissions are high, consultants are making money by the load. Research shows a different picture. Out of the 250,000, less than 15% are profiting at all! So you have a few big winners and thousands and thousands of no-earners. Don’t forget these no-earners still have to pay their membership to Arbonne, so you could say that many actually lose.

Let’s discuss the products. So far, we’ve analyzed the brand as a working network, but what about their products? Arbonne products are advertised as high-quality, pure, and beneficial. 

There’ a plethora of controversial ingredients Arbonne claims they are absent in their products. Such as animal products or animal by-productsParabensFormaldehyde donating preservativesBenzene, mineral oils, etc. They also claim their products are formulated without artificial color and sweeteners, cholesterol, and trans-fats. 

Nonetheless, experts in the subject claim that all technical information is not as transparent since they conduct their research in their own labs. They are also criticized by using trite marketing techniques such as claiming their beauty products are botanical… which ones aren’t?

While the jury is still out for deciding whether their products are the best thing in the world, as a working alternative, it does not sound as appealing as they advertise it. Even more worrisome is that most of their consultants are not exactly sure of what they are selling. Anyone can be an Arbonne consultant, with absolutely no training needed at any time. That doesn’t sound trustworthy at all!