Team Express is a San Antonio-based retail store that distributes sporting goods and athletic equipment, footwear, and apparel. The company says they strive to provide you the best price, service, and warranty available. The company started in 1990 has been dedicated to providing passionate customer service and ease of shopping to the baseball and softball players who demand the best performance products at reasonable prices. 

The store offers a wide selection among the most prominent names out there –based on players’ popularity and demand –and they have a policy of 24 hours delivery from Monday through Friday. If there’s anything you want that does not show up in their catalogs, their website, or the store, they can try and find it for you. They sound like they are very eager to please their customers. But what do actual customers say?

After surfing through the net, it was quite challenging to find positive comments about the sports website. But if you look thoroughly surely, you can find a pleased customer who praises on their excellent service and super fast delivery. Funny thing, though, many had apologetic remarks such as: “we had a tiny problem which was fixed.” Or “they made a couple of mistakes, but they offered a solution immediately.”

On the other hand, sadly, the negative reviews abound. Here’s some of the many complains customer have:

  • Lack of customer service is bewildering. They never answer the phone, and when they do, it seems like their employees could work on a better attitude and a better approach to unsatisfied customers. Same goes to attention via email
  • Inventory levels shown on their website are not reliable. Many customers claim they ordered items listed as “in stock” on their site, only to wait from weeks to months to get them shipped. 
  • They make constant and simple mistakes –which they are reluctant to fix. Clients say they have had bad experiences regarding shipments where they either receive the wrong merchandise or Baseball express misses a few items. Either way, since their customer service is poor, they have a tough time getting refunds, the right merchandise, or a proper answer at all!

Here’s the bottom line. Team Express advertises as a company that has a full offer, which they do. They promote themselves as having the best prices in the market, which they often do in all honesty. But, they also claim customer satisfaction is their primary goal, and according to the majority of reviews, this is definitely their Achilles heel. 

On average, Team/Baseball express has an average consumer rating of 2 stars or less. TeamExpress also ranks 76th among Sporting Goods Other sites. 

It is a shame for a company that does such an excellent job at their core business: knowing about sports, and yet disappoints customers with a lack of follow up. Unfortunately, when it comes to user experience, Baseball express dropped the ball –no pun intended.