There’s nothing compared to the luxury of booking a flight, a hotel, or a rental house from the comfort of your home or office. Booking sites are on-demand, and although the public started hesitantly due to fear of fraud, today reserving a hotel accommodation via phone seems almost archaic.

With the many travel booking websites to pick from, how does, rank? First things first. What can can do for you or your company?

Reservations for bus tickets, flights, Rental cars, hotel accommodations, business apartments, and train tickets –actually, users praise the site’s ability to find flights. For instance, if you fly to a specific destination, Booking does an outstanding job of showing many different options based on carrier, price, and time. 


  • Super easy to navigate.
  • Very convenient to find business-friendly hotel accommodations, as opposed to other sites that heavily focus on personal trips. 
  • There’s the fantastic added option to make dinner reservations using OpenTable.
  • You can research train and bus schedules in Europe and purchase tickets.
  • Their mobile-app has high ratings regarding performance and navigation capabilities. 
  • Their trend window will tell you whether you should buy at the moment or wait (based on their prediction system on when fare prices will increase or decrease). 


Not precisely big deals instead of a couple of reasons why you may prefer going elsewhere:

  • Priceline offers the “Mystery Deals” feature that does not have.
  • Priceline offers the same prices on hotels and rental cars.

Nonetheless, there is a big complaint against, and it is about their customer service. We found out that Booking has two types of customers: those angered at the lack of support once a problem emerged –for instance, a customer complained about not being able to leave a negative review on the site since they had a bad experience and ended up staying elsewhere. There are some intricate policies regarding reports in which customers claim always takes the hotel’s side instead of theirs.

On the other side, some customers, proclaim is as reliable as it can get. These happy, returning users say they’ve never had a bad experience, and on the rare occasion, the site has taken care of the situation immediately and exceeded their expectations. Who should you believe? has been the leader in the travel industry for over 15 years. They also have a “Best Price Guarantee” for hotel accommodations. The website has over 28 million listings in almost 150,000 destinations and 228 countries. You could say that unless you have terrible luck, your experience with will be satisfying.