Let us begin to explain what clickfunnels is briefly and I think you will love our review about clickfunnels. 

It is an online tool (cloud-based) that allows companies of all sizes to consult, generate leads, and sales while also doing email and Facebook marketing.

It is nearly impossible for anyone linked to the world of digital marketing not to have heard of Click funnels, mainly because they pioneered in their niche. Since its conception, the tool was highly popular, and it became the most significant marketing software (as a service or SaaS). What was behind this name? A promise that its users would make money. What’s not to love? Moreover, ClickFunnels promised they would turn your site’s visitors into customers. Before deciding whether ClickFunnels live up to their promise or deflated everyone’s expectations, here’s a quick view of their key features:

  • It is built with A/B testing capabilities.
  • Very user friendly and easy to understand.
  • It is a landing page builder with a hassle-free editor.
  • Its approach is to make its users make money.
  • It was a two-week free trial (already a pro, since you can test it)

The public seems quite divided on whether ClickFunnels is a fantastic way to go or an overhyped option. 

Among their complaints:

  • Some of the processes take too long e.g., adding a funnel. So, you have to choose a funnel template and type and add that to your account. Users bitterly say this process is inexplicably slow. Not a big deal, but in this time and age, super annoying.
  • Limitations regarding funnels and visitors. This is hardly news because almost every SaaS have upgraded versions of their platforms where you receive more benefits at a higher price. For instance, in ClickFunnels, the cheapest version offers you 20,000 visitors, 100 pages, and 20 funnels. For a single person, that doesn’t sound that bad. However, if you are doing client work, these constraints will be a problem. Want more? Pay more.

What people love about Click Funnels:

  • Focus on the money. The software helps you take payments, put up content, and anything in their hands to bring you cash. 
  • User friendly. By far, this is what people love the most: the ability to duplicate pages, the features in their page-builder and anything are right there. After two hours tops, you will be able to understand almost every function. 
  • Blueprints. Here’s the beauty of it. ClickFunnel automatically assumes you’ve never done this before. So, it provides multiple designs to create funnels without you being a guru.

Conclusion: Yes, some of the features are somewhat annoying, but overall, ClickFunnels is an excellent alternative for those who are not skilled in the topic and still are looking for modern ways to increase their sales and update their marketing methods.