Mr. Coffee

One of the best-rated brands in Amazon, Mr. Coffee, promises one thing upfront: everyone will be able to use it. A mother reluctant to “program” a machine? Yes. An old-fashion grandpa? Yes. The least IT-savvy guy in the office? You bet. Mr. Coffee is the ideal brand for a non-complicated, full-or single-serve coffee making. Many of the models offer the direct-to-mug function, and most of its users claim it is “so much better than other expensive, intricate devices.” Mr. Coffee may lack design and excessive buttons, options, and whistles, some of its competitors have in abundance. But what it lacks in looks gets compensated by something avid drinkers appreciate: consistency. When people prepare their morning cup, they expect the same flavor, taste, and texture. Most of us enjoy surprises, but not when it comes to our cup of joe. Mr. Coffee is affordable, easy to clean, functional, and durable. If you want to prepare your coffee in a simple, fast way, with excellent results… this is your brand. 

Black and Decker

Another reliable brand. Users who rate Black and Decker with five stars praise its design and how easy it is to use. Black and Decker is the right choice for the casual coffee drinker. Positive reviews point out the pot is nicely designed, plus the mouth is more extensive than others, which avoids the mess and makes it easy to clean and maintain. The newer models come with helpful features such as the “Sneak-a-Cup” option, which allows you to momentarily stop the flow of the coffee, so you can have a cup before the machine is done brewing. The other improvement is the addition of a permanent filer, which goes along with the eco-friendly tendency (no more paper filters) and, again, makes it easier to clean. With the vast array of offers in the market, it would be unfair to not highlight perhaps the most important reason why customers lean towards Black and Decker: the price. Maybe not suited for the most sophisticated drinker, but ideal for one looking for simplicity. 


The name of the brand itself is a telltale. Whoever opts for it is looking for more than just brewing coffee; it seeks for worldliness, design, and great looks. While the average coffee fun can conform with other basic brands, the one searching for many brewing options regarding time and other preferences would be pleased with Cuisinart. Did you know you can select the temperature at which your drink will be made? Not in degrees precisely, but the models have settings that include “hot” and “very hot,” for instance. Another great trait is the availability of these models to keep a steady temperature throughout the day! For anyone born before 1980, this can seem unthinkable. Of course, the more complicated the machine, the more the probabilities of some of the settings to malfunction over time. Some customers complain that with time, the water reservoir does not empty completely. Others say the placating wears off. Nonetheless, Cuisinart is still one of the public’s favorite. The bridge between pure coffee and sophistication and glamour –even at a reasonable price.

In the end here are a few of the top coffee maker brands and be sure to see our reviews on each product these brands make.