The general recommendation is for the average people to spend 1/3 of their life sleeping. Getting a “good night sleep” ranks high among many people’s top priorities. And a pillow can be the difference between restorative rest or a lousy night. 

Egg Sleeper pillow is yet another option that guarantees sound sleep every night. It is advertised as a super-soft, ultra-comfortable option that will not keep you up at night. They don’t fold, fluff, or bend with every flip, providing the user excellent support. Where does the name come from? The item is advertised as follows: an SUV runs over it with eggs inside the pillow. Not a single one breaks. No cracks. 

Satisfied buyers praise the following aspects:

  • The firmness and softness of the pillow. A delicate balance between the two of them.
  • The pillow is comfortable, no matter the position the user adopts.
  • The pillow prevents headaches derived from a stiff neck as you wake up. 
  • Another important positive point is that the egg sleeper pillow –unlike other ergonomic options –will not disturb your partner. Many ergonomic pillows are larger than the standard size, and therefore can be a nuisance for the person next to you. In fact, the Egg Sleeper can be used by two people next to each other, and no one will wake up. 


  • One of the complaints derives –not from the size –but from the form of the pillow, which makes it difficult to stack. For people who like to sleep with more than one pillow, this item may not be the best idea, as the curves of the design will make the pillow you want to stack, slide off. 
  • Besides each one’s preferences, the bigger problem with the Egg Sleeper is that no one specialized in Health aided in its design. Moreover, no one specialized in sleeping problems or even bedding product designers were involved in the process. This is important for two reasons: it gives the customer an idea of what level of quality was involved in the design and creation of this product. The other reason, while sleeping preferences may vary, health experts do say that the role a pillow plays in our cervical is essential. It is not only a matter of “what feels good” but a case of what is recommended. 

 For the average person trying the Egg Sleeper pillow can do no great harm. However, for anyone with spine problems (especially in the cervical) or for people who spend a great deal of time lying down, it would be advisable first to check with their doctor before investing in this pillow.