It seems like we spent a lot of time in the disposable era. Everything was expendable, hence the plastic period. Eco-friendly practices and climate change awareness have turned this approach to the other way around. We want things that last; we need items that we can hold on for a decent period before throwing them out to the garbage. 

In a world of smart jackets and smart whatnots, emerges a brand that promises eternal shoes. If you think about it, the concept is genius. Who wouldn’t want a fantastic pair of shoes that would last forever? Hence, indestructible shoes. 

The brand creators stand behind their core promises: shoes that are insanely durable, fashionable, and affordable. Are these three promises fulfill? The jury is still out because although the idea is very appealing, many customer reviews say otherwise. 

These “immortal shoes” are made of innovative materials such as Kevlar (often used in military gear), they are fire-resistant, light-weighted, and have a shock-resistant sole. Here’s a quick review on some of the most popular models:

1. Jackshibo Steel Toe Work Shoes.

Evidently, any shoe that has steel toe is not appropriate for “hanging out.” Despite what the manufacturers say, for some people, they can be too heavy. On the positive side, this model is useful to avoid any leg injury while providing a decent level of comfort. The other great advantage is the slip resistance. They are recommended for hiking and exploring. Customers say that use them for running would be pushing the limits between agility and safety. For the adventurous soul, however, these are nice.

2. Larnmern Steel Toe Shoes

Similar to the last model, these are also recommended for those who are fans of an active lifestyle. The mesh and synthetic leather make the shoe breathable and comfy enough. 

3. Suadex Indestructible Shoes

This model combines durability, nice design, and comfort. The puncture-proof sole makes this product perfect for people who like to stay active, work in a factory or otherwise, but still seek for slick design. 

What do customers complain about? Two main things: first, many claim these shoes are just Chinese shoes rebranded. The other attack goes to the midsole feature. It may provide safety, but it makes the show much less flexible than the creators claim. Also, the shoes are not as versatile as the ads claim.  

Who likes these shoes? Customers that do not mind where they come from. Also, customers who work in factories and don’t expect steel toe shoes to be fit for running and so. As it was stated, the jury is still out.