Learn How To Play Guitar - Beginner Through Advanced

Here's The Top 3 Guitar Courses

Learning to play the guitar can be really intimidating! It's fun to watch others do it -- but it's even more fun to play it yourself!  It's time to take those steps toward becoming a guitar player today.

The first thing you need to do is choose a method of learning. The Internet makes it easier than ever these days with online interactive courses. We've chosen three of the best to review for you. They are all great choices, but there are definitely some differences you'll want to pay close attention to.

The right course will be comprehensive, and will speak to you in a way that will make learning how
to play the guitar a very easy, quick, and fun process.

Whether you're a beginner, or want to improve your playing skills, these are the top 3 courses recommended most by the pros.

5 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars


Jamorama is the hottest selling guitar learning course online! That's because it has such a long-standing reputation for being high quality, and for helping people who are completely new to the guitar learn to master the instrument.

You'll find that the Jamorama guitar course runs via a software interface. This software works both the Mac and the PC, making this an all-inclusive way to learn to play the guitar. Through this software, you'll be able to download and access learning materials. What makes this really neat is that you're not overwhelmed with tons of learning material right away. You only download and use the material as you are ready to. At the time of this writing, Jamorama includes 15 complete lessons; not including bonuses.

Among the lessons, you'll find written material, as well as video and software components. The lessons are written in guitar tablature, and each lesson has a helpful video so you're sure to understand everything that is being taught. This is a great thing, as one of the most important parts of learning a new skill is getting the information in a few different ways. In this case, the written word, visual components, and software interactivity will help you learn guitar much faster than if you were to just use one of these types of learning.

We were also impressed with the bonus software and games. It comes with the Jayde Musica, Guit-ear-it, Guitar Tuner Pro, Jamorama Metronome, How to Tune Your Guitar, and Advanced Guitar Learning Techniques. These bonus components, along with the actual lesson materials, are done in a very detailed way so you'll get everything you need as far as instruction in the Jamorama guitar course.

Those who are little more advanced with guitar, or who have any experience at all, will need to understand that the first lessons are definitely geared toward beginners. From learning how to hold the guitar to learning how to strum, you may want to breeze through the first few lessons unless you're totally new to the guitar.

Jamorama is also not going to break the bank. It comes in at around $40, and includes everything you'll need to get started. This course comes highly recommended for those who want to learn how to play the guitar.

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4 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Guitar Super Stars

Guitar Superstars is a great entry into the world of online guitar courses. This is a bit different than the way Jamorama is laid out -- there are hundreds of lessons that are all geared towards different experience levels. That makes this a good course for anyone to pick up whether they consider themselves to be completely new or more advanced.

The lessons themselves are in video format that you can download in the members area. There are also download tracks that you can use to learn how to play with other people to improve your skills. Like Jamorama, Guitar Superstars works with both a PC and a Mac so there is really nothing holding you back.

One really neat thing about Guitar Superstars is that your teachers are very experienced. Ben Phillips is a world-renowned guitarist with a lot of experience. He has both performed and taught all over the world. Another instructor, Gene, is also very experienced and you'll be able to learn hard rock and metal guitar from him -- it's not all just subtle acoustics! However, if acoustic and classical is what you prefer, you'll really enjoy Chris Nicholson's lessons. There are also lessons on blues and guitar with Dave and Lorenzo.

There is no doubt about it; this course is very comprehensive, and there is something for every skill level and preference. Unfortunately, it will set you back more than Jamorama. At $67, it is a bit more of a monetary commitment. Still, they are always updating the member's area with new videos and anyone who has purchased previously gets access to these videos as well.

You'll also learn some really useful things; such as how to play popular songs that are current. You'll also learn how to write your own songs, which is something that many guitarists strive for. Not only that, but if you want to turn this into something more than a hobby, you can learn how to make money with your guitar playing. Examples of this are booking shows, teaching guitar yourself, selling your recordings online, and recording albums.

Guitar Superstars is a great product for anyone who is interested in playing the guitar. It doesn't matter whether you are new to guitar or you consider yourself quite advanced, you will find some refreshingly informative guitar videos and materials in this course.

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4 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Guitar Success

Coming in third on the list of online guitar courses is a course called Guitar Success. This course is comprehensive, but it is not as refined as the other two options. Still, it is available at a great price and may be something you'll want to consider as you start playing the guitar.

The Guitar Success course is broken up into different levels. The first book is level 1, which is for beginners. It takes you through all the starting components; such as techniques you need to know, exercises for warming up, music foundations, and how to read music. Level II takes things a step further with some intermediate information. Level III is for more advanced players. Guitar Success literally takes you from the beginning to advanced stages, which makes it a good value.

One thing that sets this course apart from others is the included bonuses and components. The Unique Guitar Tricks bonus is a lot of fun -- these are great for having a good time at a party. You also get 101 tips on improvisation and soloing. Not only that, but you'll get access to audio play along. One of the best ways to ensure that your skills improve is by being able to play along with others.

Guitar Success also includes 130 video lessons so you can watch and learn guitar. This is a key component that is similar to what is included in the Jamorama and Guitar Superstars courses, so it really is a good value that it is included in this one as well.

Both of the other courses also offer support, but you'll be pleased to know that Guitar Success will also offer guidance, support, and career advice from your guitar teacher, as well as a playing consultation. This is a professional guitar teacher, so you know you'll be getting some good instruction.

Unfortunately, this course is simply not organized as well as Jamorama or Guitar Superstars. Many people who are new will prefer the better organized and more professional looking courses that we previously discussed. Still, at only $27, Guitar Success is something that anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar can afford.

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