Water filters are convenient ways of obtaining clean water without much hassle. The Propur water filers remove the following contaminants:

  • volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants
    • heavy metals
    • pesticides
    • disinfectants and inorganic non-metallic pollutants (including chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride)
    • herbicides
    • microcystins
    • bacteria and viruses
    • radiological contaminants
    • microplastics
    • blue-green algae (parasites)

What does the Propur Big filter system include?

It comes with:

  • two stainless steel chambers.
    • stainless steel lid.
    • 2 ProOne G2.0 filters.
    • stainless steel spigot.
    • non-slip pad.

Aside from its fantastic cleaning capability, the Propur water filter is worth considering if you’re looking for a countertop water filter that removes every conceivable kind of contaminant. It is an excellent option for everyday use (home or work). It is also a fantastic choice if you want a water purifier to travel or camping. 

Other accolades for the water filter are:

  • The cartridge is one of the best in the markets. Thanks to the silver-infused ceramic, it prevents the growth of nasty bacteria. 

· Besides, Propur has done the most thorough testing of a filter element that we have seen up to this point.


Uses of the Propur water filter have three main complaints:

  1. Very slow filtration – Like every other filter pitcher, the Propur, too, relies on gravity to force water through its filter element. This turns out to be a lengthy process, which was to be expected, considering that the filtration is comprehensive. However, depending on your feedwater quality, it can take ages (one customer reported 30 minutes for a single cup). The water literally drips from the filter. This is why we recommend you buy a large glass container so you can filter water 24/7. Also, make sure to condition the filter according to instructions. And if the lid sits too tight, it might not allow air to flow inside for pressure compensation, which you want to keep an eye on.
  • Flawed lid – It’s difficult to pour filtered water into a cup or glass without unfiltered water leaking in. And no matter how long you wait, some water always remains in the top chamber. Thus, you either have to lift out the blue container or need one hand on the lid to push down when pouring—definitely inconvenient and rather poor design when you consider the cost.
  • Unpleasant taste – Some customers reported a nasty aftertaste in their filtered water. They had to run the filter many more times than recommended by Propur to get rid of it. Again, make sure to condition according to directions.

Nonetheless, satisfied clients claim they have no problem waiting a little bit more if this translates into a thorough filtration process, and looking at the long list of contaminants that it removes… waiting times do not sound that crazy. Yes, the Propur is not the most popular brand, but customers swear that in terms of cost, durability, and performance, it is the best in the market.