Welcome to our spray gun light review where I would be guessing you are looking to paint at your house. This spray gun light is widely used for painting your own car or repainting I should say. The good news is their line of products are great but let me run you through everything. If you stick around I will even show you a spray gun light coupon code.

The first reason you should have this is the most basic and reason to buy. The lighting needs to be super bright in order to really see whats going on. Do you want to finish up your project and ten the next day realized you missed a spot or didn’t blend it correctly? Its one thing if you are painting a fence or something that doesn’t matter but this tool is great for a house or painting your car. Do you want to drive down the street and everyone see the paint job and it looks like your 10 year old blended it. If not its time to step up and get the right tools. The best part about this is its easy to attach to the spray gun and its great to use at night. If you are spraying is a dull lit room or under something this is the must have tool.

If the price is getting to you there is a cheaper alternative called the GunBudd. Its about 1/8 the cost and attaches to the can instead of the gun. Its a personal preference with where you want the light to be as some want it one place or the other. Either one you choose I highly recommend you getting one.