Tactical gear has been in vogue for a long time, particularly among the American audience. Inspired by this military apparel, TAC glasses claim the following:

  • They prevent glare like no other pair of sunglasses.
  • They augment color perception.
  • They increase optical clarity.
  • They have a sturdy design that withstands the elements (allegedly, this makes them resistant to harsh conditions, as other military gear).

 What do customers say? As one sharp person said: “the brand is cautious not to specify whether the glasses are polarized or not.” In reality, the general audience does not know if the glasses are polycarbonate; moreover, if they genuinely include UV protection. One would assume, but again, the brand doesn’t mention it precisely. 

The design is nice, they provide a decent level of clarity, and they do reduce glare considerably. Some of the most enthusiastic fans of them say these are amazingly comfortable, and they offer excellent eye coverage. The last claim on the creator’s side is interesting: the way they withstand the elements, but customers seem to agree. Allegedly, with the TAC glasses, vision does not get compromised despite harsh weather conditions such as fog, snow, rain, etc. Many users state these are perfect for playing golf. Does this sound like a tactical operation? Probably not, but still preferences and tastes vary considerably. 

Now, for the low points. 

  • They are more fragile than what the brand says. Customers assure their pair of TACs broke down within a few days after purchase for no apparent reasons. 
  • Strange fitting. Other buyers expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the glasses fitted, labeling them as “uncomfortable” and only good “to show off and impress other people.”
  • Misleading advertising. A big no-no when it comes to publicizing a product is to mislead the public regarding the product features. Many people were upset because although the TAC glasses are advertised using a truck in the road, the box has a disclaimer saying these are not suited for driving. What kinds of sunglasses are not optimal for driving? Apparently, these ones. 

Bottom line. These are cute sunglasses. They look cool; the design is great –if it goes along your taste. What’s the difference between these TAC glasses and some other affordable model? Probably not much. As many buyers say: TAC glasses do not have anything particularly wrong, but they don’t offer anything extraordinary either. Do they live up to their cool name? Regarding glare reduction and clarity, they probably do. Regarding UV protection, we’re still about to find out.